Digital Occipital

All the content on this website is the work of Scott O'Brien, these pages are where he has decided to spill his brain and the memories contained within onto the internet. Please don't steal any parts of Scott O'Brien's brain without asking permission first. That would be pretty rude, and he's an agreeable  enough fellow that you should probably just click the "contact" button in the top right corner of this page and reach out to him.

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Mexico City-2.jpg

To not only see the world, but to be in it.

To be a part of it.


To be constantly curious, a permanent pupil.


To truly connect with people.


That is what drives me. The common thread through all that I am. Humanity and the world we live in illuminates caverns in my mind I never knew existed, and fills me with a love my chest can't contain. My hope is maybe if you could be in my brain, see what I see, you might feel what I feel. If you can take a moment to sit next to me and look through my eyes.

I will show you something beautiful.