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Scott O'Brien is a photographer and sommelier who currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. A jack of all trades who is slowly mastering some, Scott has lived a life defined by a love of adventure, and the inability to rest until he has an answer to whatever question currently occupies his brain.

Most nights you can find him playing the role of wine geek and professional know-it-all taking care of tables at Top Chef alum CJ Jacobson's River North restaurant "Ema". He loves food, wine, people and the wonderful moments that can happen when you have the right mix of those things. Scott is currently Studying with the Master Court of Sommeliers and looks forward to one day earning the title of "Master Sommelier".

When he is not at the restaurant you can probably find Scott off in the world with his Camera and a big smile on his face. Since he was five years old nothing has made him happier than life on the road. He first left North America in his teens to travel Europe with an orchestra, and has been in Love with seeing the world and it's people ever since. He has jumped at every opportunity no matter how insane it sounds (which has certainly cost him at times). From spending weeks confined to a van following an eccentric cyclist's attempt to break a record peddling through every North American Capital, to freelance working his way around the entire planet Earth, Scott has never said no to a chance for adventure. He is adept at probably solving on the fly and is not afraid to fail, and fail harder. Diving headfirst into a new situation with no game plan is something he finds quite fun, and takes great joy in the wonderful stories that come from these experiences. You will find he is just as happy to recount his crushing lows as he is the beautiful high points of his short life.

More than anything Scott loves to bring people together. Heaven to him is cooking a wonderful meal for a mix of people he loves and a few he has never met, Opening a giant bottle of '45 Mouton Rothschild (hey it's heaven right?) and swapping stories until the sun peeks out over a mountainous horizon.

If the first picture on this page gives you the impression that Scott is an intensely serious person, you are encouraged to balance that perception with the picture directly below.



I don't want to show you the world.


I want to show you why I love it.